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The Culligan® Mineral Boost Cartridge: Take Control of Your Water!

Taste the difference the Culligan® Mineral Boost Cartridge can make in your Ontario, Riverside or San Bernardino home. It’s the best remineralization filter on the market!

This area is constantly facing changes with respect to its water supply in their municipalities.

Take Control Of Your Water With Remineralization Cartridges

This RO remineralization cartridge was designed to deliver the same high-quality reverse osmosis water with a new pH balance for added benefit! Get just the right amount of calcium minerals back into your water for amazing tasting, optimally alkaline pH-balanced water. You will get just the right amount of healthy calcium minerals, for improved taste!

Unlike other remineralization cartridges, Culligan’s has a slow, controlled release, meaning no large spikes or dips in TDS that leads to inconsistent pH levels and chalky water. The filter also has a lifespan of an entire year, so you won’t have to worry about anything other than yearly maintenance. It is also available in six packs.

Some of the benefits include:

  • It raises RO water TDS by 20 to 30ppm.
  • Raises water pH by 1 to 2 pH.
  • NSF 42 and CSA B483.1 certified.

Do you already own a Culligan Reverse Osmosis System?

Culligan of Ontario can install the mineral boost cartridge, which sits between the RO membrane and the tank. Talk to them for more details about how you can enjoy even better tasting water! Click FIX MY WATER today to get in touch with a Culligan representative and learn more!

Does Culligan Water Have Minerals?

The true answer is yes, but the answer alone is deceptive: Filtered Culligan Water has a greatly reduced amount of minerals in its water – more than 90%, and in some cases, up to 99.9%. For those who prefer added minerals in their water for taste, the Culligan® Mineral Boost Cartridge is what you’re looking for.


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