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We’ve been filtering and softening water in Ontario and Southern California for nearly 80 years, so we’ve seen the difference good water can make. We also know our way around the city’s most aggravating, and damaging, water problems.

Ontario Water Quality

Like other communities in the area, Ontario sources its water from a groundwater aquifer beneath the city for most of its drinking water needs. Imported water is also used to supplement some areas of the city, and for agricultural and industrial purposes.  Groundwater is known for being hard in nature, which means it often contains abnormally high levels of dissolved minerals. This may not come as any surprise to Ontario residents who’ve dealt with hard water symptoms at home like hard water buildup, water spots, metallic aftertaste, sometimes an unpleasant odor, as well as staining or discoloration around faucets and fixtures.

Ontario residents might also be familiar with hard water symptoms like:

  • White, chalky buildup around fixtures, plumbing, and appliances.
  • Cloudy residue and/or water spots that can be hard to clean.
  • Rising utility bills — major appliances like water heaters and dishwashers can’t use hard water effectively, which costs you every month.
  • Coffee, tea, and even recipes can taste or smell different than expected.
  • Dry skin, hair, and nails, since hard water can leach moisture with every shower.
  • Laundry that looks worn or feels stiff and scratchy.

Water Treatment Solutions

Though hard water is naturally occuring and generally safe to drink, the presence of so many minerals adds stress to plumbing, fixtures, and major appliances at home, in addition to leaving a noticeable taste or smell to the tap. The right solution for your water needs depends on which of these issues matches your home’s symptoms, and what you’re looking to get out of your water. Whatever your water goals are, we’re here to help you find an efficient, effective solution from home drinking water systems to whole home water softeners, and more.   

Californians ourselves, we know the importance of conserving our water resources, and leveraging ways to make the most of them. For Ontario, this often means finding the best ways to make water taste better right at the tap, and helping it work harder all around the home so we do our part to waste as little as possible.

Whatever your Ontario water problems or goals are, Culligan has a solution to fit your home, today! 

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